Like many families, my wife Anitha and I chose to make Rochester Hills our home. This is where we raised our daughter. With God’s blessings, and through hard work and perseverance we have had the fortune of living the American Dream and doing our best to give back to the community.

Over the years, I have had the privilege of being actively engaged with Avondale Youth Assistance, Paint Creek Trailways, Green Space, OPC, Friends of the Paint Creek Trailways, and Neighborhood House. These organizations thrive because of the many who volunteer their time, energy, and resources. I am constantly impressed by their commitment, their generosity, and their passion for enhancing the quality of life in our community. The pride and passion for our city I see in my neighbors and co-volunteers continues to inspire me daily.

After serving eight years as a Council Member and Treasurer and Commissioner of OPC, it is truly an honor to be a candidate for Mayor of our wonderful city – Rochester Hills.

As a council member, I was instrumental and part of the policy, budget, and decision-making process for effective governance and efficient systems, pushing for controlling government expenditures and opposing any tax increases.

I hold a Law degree, a Masters in International Trade from EMU, an MBA from U of M, and am a Certified Community Planner. For the past eighteen years I have been the CEO of Metro Community Development.

The ownership of our city lies within us. Ownership means being responsible and accountable to one another. That commitment is fulfilled when we engage with and be engaged by our neighbors. Economic and social challenges, change in demographics, the need for a more walkable and bikable community, preserving the residential character, continuing to have solid successful schools and higher educational institutions, community safety, preserving the economic vitality – all essential for a good quality of life are in a constant state of perpetual change.

Status quo and complacency are inertia and not the solution. It’s time for change in leadership with new ideas and new thinking in our city. Growth and productivity do not happen, begin or end with one person. No person is irreplaceable. It’s the families that make us great now and will do so in the future.

The premise of my candidacy is about community engagement; providing honest and trusted leadership with integrity. I stand as a candidate for Mayor based on these core values with a vision to make Rochester Hills a great place to live well and age well. I am the only candidate with a proven business track record of 30 years Business Management, Finance, Budgeting, and Community Planning experience, which I will bring to the Office of Mayor.

My Commitment

  • to preserve the residential and historic character of our city
  • not pursue water reservoirs or drilling in our parks and neighborhoods
  • keep taxes low and control government expenditures
  • uphold the city charter and honor term limits

The only reason I’m a candidate for Mayor is to serve the community. I am not looking to hold the office of Mayor permanently or to be a career politician. I ask for your vote on November 3rd, 2015. Let’s make the change. The best is yet to come!

Ravi Yalamanchi
Candidate for Mayor – Rochester Hills