We lack honest Leadership in the office of Mayor

Recently a negative piece was sent out about me indicating that I voted NO for Police and Fire. The council votes on the entire budget and not specifically on Police and Fire. How would anyone not support their Police and Fire departments? Both departments are essential part of ensuring the quality and safety of our community.

It’s Time for Change in Leadership

Like many families, my wife Anitha and I chose to make Rochester Hills our home. This is where we raised our daughter. With God’s blessings, and through hard work and perseverance we have had the fortune of living the American Dream and doing our best to give back to the community.

A leader with the experience & the integrity to make our hometown better.

I am running for Mayor because I want Rochester Hills to continue to be a strong residential community, and to be a place where our kids and grandkids want to return to – to live, work, and raise a family.


After serving eight years as a Council Member for Rochester Hills and Treasurer and Commissioner of OPC, it is truly an honor to be a candidate for Mayor of our wonderful city – Rochester Hills. The premise of my candidacy is about community engagement, providing honest and trusted leadership with integrity.



  • Ravi will make a great Mayor. He is a Uniter and not a Divider.
    Marye Miller
    Former Director, OPC
  • Ravi has the skills, experience and vision to be an outstanding Mayor.
    His integrity and compassion make him an outstanding individual.
    Pat Botkin
    Former President, Private Bank
  • Ravi Yalamanchi is a man of great integrity who makes decisions based on careful study.
    During his eight years on the Rochester Hills City Council he proved his budgetary
    expertise and his understanding of the needs and desires of the residents.
    I enthusiastically support Ravi for Mayor.
    Millie Knudson
    Former Treasurer Avon Township, First Treasurer City of Rochester Hills, Trustee of Rochester Hills Library Board
  • Ravi has integrity and a strong work ethic. He has demonstrated his passion to
    serve the residents of Rochester Hills. As mayor he will set a new standard of
    including everyone in the strategy for the future. I highly support him!
    William Windschief
    Engineer and Homeowner
  • Ravi’s years of business leadership as a CEO, provides me confidence that
    he understands the impact decisions have on business.
    Jeff Gabrielson
    President/Owner JH Gabrielson & Ass. LLC
  • Mr. Yalamanchi is a role model to myself and throughout the community.
    The combination of his caring personality and innate leadership skills
    make him the perfect candidate to serve as Mayor of Rochester Hills.
    Grace Nasr
    Stoney Creek HS Graduate, University of Michigan student
  • Ravi is a candidate with the utmost integrity and honesty. He will bring a
    wealth experience, knowledge and passion to the office of Mayor of Rochester Hills.
    He has no personal agenda other than serving the citizens of Rochester Hills as
    their mayor by establishing an environment of open communication.
    Kevin Mckenna
    Owner, Classic Shipping & Copy Center
  • During his years on City Council, Ravi Yalamanchi represented the City of Rochester Hills
    with integrity and transparency. He spent the necessary time to learn the facts
    surrounding the issues that came before Council and actively solicited resident input,
    allowing him to make informed and thoughtful decisions. As a resident of the Historic District,
    I also appreciate Ravi’s efforts to preserve the many unique resources that make Rochester Hills
    a great place to live. I am confident he will provide excellent leadership as
    Mayor of Rochester Hills.
    David Tripp
    IT Consultant, Historic District Resident
  • For the last 10 years I have watched a man of great integrity, honesty and
    true strength in character define the meaning of leadership and public service.
    Ravi Yalamanchi will make an outstanding Mayor. His true sense of inclusiveness,
    diversity and compassion coupled with an extraordinary educational background and
    extensive management career lends a true compass for positive growth and
    opportunity for the City of Rochester Hills. I am so excited about the future of our City.
    The best is yet to come!
    Linda Davis-Kirksey
    President, Davis Kirksey Associates
  • The combination of 30 years of professional experience taking communities forward
    and the highest level of integrity is unbeatable. Please join us in supporting
    Ravi for Mayor of Rochester Hills.
    Pam and Andy Krupp
  • Ravi, reading your words has made me even more confident that you have what it takes
    to represent Rochester Hills for the next four years. Your non-political agenda
    that is citizen and community focused will help us hold onto the community we want
    for our families. Your resume is impressive and instills confidence in your
    ability to be an excellent leader.
    Marianne Fischer Maurer
    Former Teacher and Vice Principal of Long Meadow Elementary, Rochester Community Schools
  • As a Treasurer and Commissioner of OPC, Ravi was a champion for seniors.
    He led OPC to develop a strategic plan and establish a vision and mission for the future.
    It has been an incredible pleasure to work with Ravi over all of these years
    and I sincerely believe Rochester Hills would be fortunate to have him as Mayor.
  • With fresh leadership Rochester Hills can be a place where we can together preserve,
    build and grow it. Ravi is that leader.
  • A leader we can trust. Ravi is right for Rochester Hills. He is fiscally conservative
    and consistently advocated for residents as Council Member. He will be an incredible Mayor.
  • It’s rare to find people as kind and competent as Ravi in public service and I hope you
    will join me in support of his candidacy for Mayor.

Candidate for Mayor Announcement

For the past seventeen years, I have been a proud resident of the city of Rochester Hills and I am committed to giving back to my community that has given me so much: a safe, wonderful home to share with my wife and raise our daughter, and neighborhoods, parks, and schools that have allowed us to establish meaningful friendships with people like you. Over the years, I have had the privilege of being actively engaged with Avondale Youth Assistance, Paint Creek Trailways, Green Space, OPC, Friends of the Paint Creek Trailways, and Neighborhood House. These organizations thrive because of the many who volunteer their time, energy and resources. I am constantly impressed by their commitment, their generosity, and passion for enhancing the quality of life in our community.



As A Council Member

Initiated the discussion in developing a Strategic Plan with specific Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives, Voted against issuing Bonds for Water Reservoir, Recommended financing of new construction of Department of Public Safety with internal funds and not issuing bonds, was supported and approved by council, Served on Finance Committee, Served on Water and Sewer Technical Review Committee, etc.



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